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Hi, I'm John Pascua šŸ‘‹.

I am a UX Designer that's passionate about product-led growth and human centered design. I have career experience in product-led growth, project management, and user research. My skills in visual design, data analytics, and communication fuels my approach towards every project.

I am motivated to be a UX Designer so that Ā I can better understand peopleā€™s experiences, tell their stories, and help them with creative solutions.

I'm currently working as a freelance UX Designer/ Marketer and am always interested in taking on new challenges and talking creative concepts.

Drop me a hello at hello@johnpascua.com to connect and let's get to chatting!

How did IĀ become a UX Designer?

My story starts 10 years ago... Strap in.

I was introduced into the world of coding.

IĀ learnt how to understand code structures, logic, and read certain syntaxes at a basic level.

This got me hooked onto the magic of tech and development.

I enrolled into a Marketing Management Program in college.

Here, I started learning how business started, operated, failed, and grew.

Of course, I learnt about marketing. How to develop a marketing plan and learning digital strategies to grow companies.

I also developed my skills in branding. Expanding my knowledge with elements of branding such as brand identity, brand personality, and brand image.

I started working at a creative agency.

Drip by Design, currently not operating, was a full service social media agency. Throughout my time here, I worked 2 different roles: A Social Media Manager and a Content Creator.

As a Social Media Manager, IĀ was constantly doing consumer research and studying social media account analytics.

As a Content Creator, I provided clients with photography content to post on their social media. IĀ also developed my graphic design skills where I would create graphics clients too.

I started my content consultancy side-business.

I discovered IĀ could fulfill businesses that needed content in the form photography and content creation.

As I continued working at the agency full-time, IĀ developed this business so IĀ could earn extra income on the side.

I took event and product photography for clients in several industries.

I still freelance my Ā services up to this day.

I became a Marketing Manager.

My time at the creative agency had ended and IĀ started working at a vacation rental agency as a Marketing Manager.

I developed marketing plans and the actions to carry them out. IĀ was constantly conducting consumer and user research, and auditing internal company analytics.

I also started dabbling into design, as I was IĀ launched website projects.

Unfortunately, the vacation industry is not the most ideal industry to work in while the COVID-19 pandemic was happening.

I was self-learning UX Design.

IĀ learnt about UX as IĀ was searching for career paths that could combine my abilities in business, research and grow my design skills.

And then IĀ stumbled across Google's UX Design Certificate program.

IĀ learnt the foundations of UX Design along and what it meant to be a UX designer.

BrainStation's UX Design Diploma Bootcamp

I got accepted into the bootcamp where I would spend one of the most insane 12 weeks of my life learning more about UX Design.

I further developed my skills in the UX process and grew tremendously as a designer.

Later x Brainstation Industry Project
April 2022
I am a UX Designer.

Who knew that after years of marketing work, endless research reports, countless creative photoshoots, and a billion cups of coffee would lead me here?

Today, IĀ am still up to the same mission in life - To wake up every day with a choice to do what we love to do, tell meaningful stories, and work on amazing designs.

You've heard my story, it's now time to hear yours.