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Industry Project 2022

This project was a submission as part of BrainStation's Industry Project 2022 with Later.

The Industry Project is a 24 hour design challenge.

My role


The Team

John Pascua
Cristina Gecolea
Cyndie Gonzalez
Christianna Bachman

Design Process


Problem Statement

Micro-SMBs enterprises lack time, experience, and resources to market their products and  grow the business, they are in need of streamlined processes that help them drive revenue.

Secondary Research

Design Question

How might we enhance the SMM planning experience for micro-SMBs in order to help them grow their brand?


We believe increasing guidance for SMBs in their Social Media Marketing planning experience will help marketers reach their KPIs, leading to brand growth.

This will be true when resources such as time and effort is reduced.


Ideate Solutions

1. Implement Features

Help users create & curate high-quality content right from the start.

2. Predictive Insights

Help users predict how their posts will do with insights such as impressions, likes, comments, and shares.

As a team, we decided to build upon Later's current product.

Why re-invent the wheel?


What was designed?

Main features on 1 screen

On-app content creation

Copywriting suggestions

Intuitive minimalist design


Key Learnings

While our team didn't win, I did learn several lessons:

1. Respecting individual communication styles leads to synergy.
2. Leverage everyone strengths to maximize group contribution.
3. Solutions under pressure can be fun in the right team.

Next Steps

Hypothetically, if the team were to move, the next steps would look something along the lines of:

1. Consult with Later to approve design recommendations.
2. Hand-off our high fidelity designs to the development team.
3. See Later benefit from design solutions through increased subscriptions and user retention.
4. Conduct an Accessibility Audit.